Iron bars on windows, 30 inch thick stone walls, and a heavy steel door slamming behind you may not sound like the typical tourist accommodation and Jailer's Inn is anything but typical. The historic Jailer's Inn, circa 1819, offers a unique and luxurious way to "do time." 

Jailer's Inn is a place of wonderful, thought provoking contrasts. Each of our six guest rooms are beautifully decorated with antiques and heirlooms, all located in the renovated front jail. The back jail, built in 1874, is basically unchanged; you get a chilling and sobering look at what conditions were like in the old Nelson County jail that was in full operation as recently as 1987. 

On spring and summer mornings, as you sip hot coffee and chat with other guests over a full breakfast in the courtyard, it's difficult to imagine all of the previous uses of the courtyard - as a work yard for prisoners crushing limestone, a place to visit forlorn relatives, or even the centralized location of the Nelson County gallows. 


Victorian Room The Victorian Room is filled with antiques and special touches such as an old wardrobe and dresser that belonged to my great-grandparents, the room has pink, floral wall coverings with an array of lace surrounding the chamber. 


Colonial Room The Colonial Room has a rustic feeling throughout it, from the natural limestone wall to its massive, hand-hewn timbers that run across the ceiling. 


Library Room The Library Room is done in an Art-deco style and has many older books (hence the name), and it includes a king size bed and sofa, perfect for reading some of those antique books. 


Garden Room The Garden Room is many peoples favorite room due to its light and airy feeling when you first see it. With its floral prints, white wicker furniture, and two beautifully hand-stitched bedspreads, it is no wonder that people are drawn to it. 


1819 Room The 1819 Room is the room with the most contrast, from the hand hewn timbers along the walls and the ceiling, to the shear fabric draperies over the queen size bed. 


The Jail Cell also known as the "fun room" is the only one that still resembles a cell. The room is decorated in all black and white. It houses two of the original bunks and a waterbed. 
Family Suite The spacious Family Suite has one king bed, one queen bed and a full living room with wet bar.



The Old Nelson County Jail property, housed prisoners from 1797 till 1987. The front building, sometimes referred to as the "Old Jail" was constructed in 1819. Records indicated that John Rogers architect of St. Joseph Cathedral, performed certain carpentry on this structure. The upper floor of this native limestone building, with 30 inch thick walls, contained two cells and an "upstairs dungeon" to house prisoners. 

The back stone building, sometimes referred to as the "New Jail," was built in 1874 and is completely surrounded by a stone wall. The front jail was then; made into the jailer's residence. Both the jail and jailer's residence were used and occupied until 1987. It was the oldest operating jail complex in the state of Kentucky and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.






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